Our Roots

The DeBlock Family Farms was founded in the early 1900's when John DeBlock immigrated from Holland and eventually settled in Viola, IL. Corn and oats were the main crops and a variety of livestock was raised. Little of the Farm's production was sold; what was grown on the farm was mostly consumed by the family.

John's son, Edward, continued the Farm and eventually purchased 160 acres near Aledo, IL in the mid 1930's. Edward farmed his entire career and witnessed the transition from horse and mule drawn implements to the very first tractors in agriculture.  Farming then was very dependent on manual labor and was a "way of life" for his family.

The Farm entered its third generation when Victor, Edward's son, rented his first farm while still in high school and then purchased 160 acres in 1963.  During Victor's career, farming began to shift from a lifestyle to more of a business oriented occupation. Vic grew the size of his operation to over 1000 acres and sold over 500 head of cattle by the year 2000. His ultimate goal was to have a farming operation large enough to support his family and make it possibel for his sons to continue to farm, if they so desired.

Victor's goal was reached when his son, Matt, rented his first farm from the Baker Family in 2000 while attending the University of Illinois.  Since then, Matt has increased the size of his own operation alongside his father's and the family farm operates seamlessly, nearly as one. Victor's oldest son, John, returned to the farm in 2005, renting his first farm from Vic and building two feeder-to-finish hog production facilities.


Continuing the Tradition

Where We Are Today

At DeBlock Farms we pride ourselves on being responsible stewards of the land while growing corn and soybeans, and maintaining four feeder-to-finish hog production facilities. The Farm has implemented GPS referenced yield monitoring, variable rate seeding and fertilizer application, and  RTK controlled traffic patterns to minimize soil compaction. Conservation practices include development of CRP waterways and filter strips to conserve soil and improve water quality.  All efforts are made to maximize our production while reducing overall cost, and enhance return for both our land owners and personal investments.  Matt, John and Victor work full-time on the Farm and are focused on its growth and continued success.

Where to Find Us:

DeBlock Farms
2251 75th Ave
Aledo, IL 61231


Matt DeBlock
Phone: 309-314-2838

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